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Why Seek Therapy?

Physical and mental health are closely related, and many medical problems may be emotionally based and can be helped with our counselling services. Our psychologists will help you clarify the issues that are causing you difficulty, develop strategies to deal with them and increase your self-awareness to prevent recurrence of old problems.

The services and therapies offered at Solutions For Life Psychology provide a range of positive benefits that can improve and enhance your life. You can express yourself freely in a confidential setting with an unbiased, highly trained psychologist who is bound by a code of professional ethics. This allows you to understand your thoughts and feelings and how they affect your behaviour, allowing you to learn productive ways to deal with them in a safe place.


If you’ve been noticing that your mental health has started to deteriorate, or you are concerned about a family member, it may be time to make an appointment with a psychologist.

It’s never too early to start therapy. In fact, seeing a psychologist before things get more difficult can prevent more serious issues in the long run.



We offer Face-to-Face and Telehealth Services for Individual Therapy for adults and adolescents.

Younger children do not do so well with telehealth, so Face-to-Face sessions are preferred. However, all children are different.

To make a booking with one of our psychologist or to make an enquiry

please contact our Client Care Team via telephone (07) 5549 1696 or email

See the information below to see the types of issues we work with and other information relevant to your sessions.

Don't forget to check our our information on assessment or group therapies.

Face-to Face

What Do We Offer

Sitting on Couch
Psychologist's Office
Psychotherapy Session

Our Therapies

Our psychologists use a number of different therapeutic approaches, depending on their particular practice background, the presenting issues and the client’s concerns, and the age of the client. At times they might use a combination of techniques.

All of the therapies used at Solutions For Life Psychology have a sound theoretical basis and are supported by the evidence of research comparing different treatments and systematic reviews. They include:



If you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP/Paed/Psychiatrist you can claim a rebate on 10 individual and 10 group sessions per year. The amount of the rebate is dependent upon where you are at with you safety net.

Chronic Disease Management

There are up to 5 rebates under this scheme. Eligibility is determined by your GP.

Private Health Cover

Private Health with Extras Cover will generally provide a rebate on psychology sessions.

Plan Managed clients will be invoiced directly to the plan manager. Self Managed Clients pay on the day and claim back.

Late Attendance and Cancellation Fees

If you are excessively late, you will be charged the full fee, but your appointment time will end at the allowed time. We cannot keep people waiting for an hour.

Psychologist sessions are substantially longer than GPs at 50 minutes, with 10 minutes to write up notes, plus 30+ minutes planning for your seeion prior to your arrival. We cannot therefore easily fill appointments when people don’t show up. 

We therefore have to charge cancellations fees for cancellations with in 48 hours of their appointment, so that other people on the Wait list can be cared for.

  • We require 48-hours notice for an appointment cancellation so that your time can be offered to our waiting lists.

  • We send you text reminder three days before your next appointment to ensure enough time to reschedule. You can reply to this text Yes or No.

  • We also recommend that you confirm your next appointment each time you attend an appointment at the clinic, to avoid cancellations fees.

  • Cancellations are charged at 100% of the fee.

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