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All of our psychologist are highly trained in delivering psychometric assessment, and our test library is extensive and up-to-date. Whether for diagnostic purposes, cognitive functioning, or to determine if a client has a learning disorder, we have you covered. 

We aim to ensure that not only do we provide a thorough assessment and report, but recommendations on to do next. 


Adult Assessment

At Solutions For Life Psychology, we offer specialised assessments for adults. Our expert team will provide a comprehensive evaluation to uncover the unique aspects of your profile. Through in-depth interviews and cutting-edge assessments, we'll identify areas that might be impacting your study, work, and relationships.


ADHD Assessment

Have You Ever Wondered if you have ADHD? Just as many adults have it as do children.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, struggling to stay focused, or facing challenges with organization? You're not alone! ADHD isn't just a concern for children; adults with ADHD often experience difficulties with concentration, distractibility, and impulsive behavior.

Don't let ADHD hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential. Reach out to us via email or telephone to learn more about our ADHD assessments and book your consultation today!"

NDIS Access or Review

Do you need support to access NDIS or perhaps a Review Report?

Our psychologists are all trained to be able to assist with both types of reports and to help you identify what services may be appropriate for you or your person with different abilities.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Intellectual Functioning Assessment

Unlocking Your Cognitive Potential: Adult Cognitive Assessment

A Cognitive Assessment is a powerful tool designed to uncover the inner workings of your mind and enhance your cognitive abilities. Our assessment is carefully crafted to provide you with valuable insights into your intellectual strengths and areas for growth.


What to Expect:

1. Thorough Evaluation: This in-depth evaluation ensures a well-rounded understanding of your cognitive profile.

2. Personalized Insights: Receive a personalized report that not only identifies your cognitive strengths but also highlights areas that may benefit from improvement. 

3. Practical Applications: The insights gained from this assessment can be a valuable resource for educational planning, career development, and personal growth.

Discover the power of understanding your cognitive abilities and embark on a journey of self-improvement. Uncover your strengths, address your areas of opportunity, and take control of your cognitive potential. Get started with our Adult Cognitive Assessment today!

Association Game

Memory and/or Learning Assessment

Are You Struggling with Memory and Recall? Is Reading, Writing or Math Really Hard? Are You Wondering if You Have a Learning Disorder or an Impairment in Memory?

Our psychologists are highly trained in assessing for learning disorders to assist with support in university, or impaired executive functioning ormemory function for disability services other other needs.

Mental Health Evaluation

Our highly trained professionals can assist with a mental health evaluation for anxiety, depression, OCD, personality assessment and many other conditions.

Child Assessment


ASD/ADHD Assessment

Are You Wondering If Your Child is Neurodiverse? Could They be Autistic or Have ADHD?


Assessing for Autism Spectrum requires a multi-layered approach. As per the ASPect Guidelines for assessing ASD, assessment requires information from multiple informants (partners, parents / teachers) and in multiple ways (interviews / checklists) as well as psychometric assessment of the person. All information should point toward the diagnosis and provide sufficient information to consider differential diagnosis as well as determine whether ASD is present or not.  We use the ADOS-2 and ADI-R as part of our assessment. ADOS-2 is the GOLD STANDARD for assessment of Autism.

Similarly, assessment for Attention Disorders requires the same process to ensure a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the type of ADHD your child may have. Our psychologists use GOLD STANDARD psychometric tests, structured interviews and checklists to compile a comprehensive report to identify if your child has  ADHD, the type of ADHD and  a comprehensive list of recommendations to support your child at home, in school and therapies.


Intellectual Functioning

Do you suspect that you or your young person is GIFTED or perhaps may have an INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY?


Our team use a range of GOLD STANDARD intellectual functioning psychometric assessment tools such as the Wechsler Scales (WPPSI-IV / WISC-V / WAIS-IV) and Stanford Binet-5 to identified where your young person is functioning. Assessment for Intellectual Disability also includes assessment of Adaptive Behaviour to identify areas of need.


Learning Disorder Assessment

Is Your Child Falling Behind at School? Do You or the Teacher Suspect a Learning Disorder?

Our psychologists are trained to administer assessment to determine whether your young person may have a specific learning disorder of reading (dyslexia), mathematics (dyscalculia), or written expression (dysgraphia). Additionally, we can include assessment to determine whether attention, executive functioning skills, or anxiety is a factor in their lower outcomes if needed.  The combination of assessment tools is driven by the presenting concerns but will include GOLD STANDARD assessment tools such as WISC-V/WPPSI-IV and WIAT-III.


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