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Increase Attention
Improve Learning

Instead of instructing on coping strategies for working memory deficits, Cogmed enhances your competence and capacity in tasks associated with this cognitive skill. With rigorous and targeted exercises, enhancements in working memory, attention, and learning capacity continue to persist long after the training. Cogmed offers various programs tailored to children in preschool and school-age, as well as teenagers and adults.


What is Working Memory?

Working memory involves the capability to retain and actively maintain information in your mind. You might encounter challenges with working memory when:​

  •  Repeatedly asking for directions on how to complete a task. 

  •  Difficulty concentrating when there are distractions of background noise.

  •  Having trouble learning and applying new skills.

  •  Making the same mistakes repeatedly

  • Starting one task, but going on to another before completing the first.

It is important to be able to focus on and retain relevant information needed in every day life, let alone when learning or on the job. To do this, we use our working memory. However, working memory has limited capacity and time for which information received can be held. People who have poor working memory often have challenges in the following areas:

  • Focussing your attention

  • Shutting out distractions

  • Following directions

  • Learning new skills

  • Completing complex tasks


How does Cogmed Work?

Cogmed uses a scientifically proven approach to training attention and working memory through daily gamified exercises and coaching support. The program is tailed to all reading skill levels and ages. Motivation is built in for those who need a little extra enticing. Cogmend is available for children in preschool and school aged children as well as adults.  

The program was designed by cognitive neuroscientist's from the prestigious Karolinksa Institute in Sweden and is backed up by extensive and rigorous independent scientific research findings that supports sustained changes in working memory, attention and learning regardless of age. Cogmed has been used in over 120 independent research studies to date. Follow this link if you'd like to read some of those articles  


How long is the program?

The Cogmed working memory and attention training program offers flexibility in when and how long you train for. Training will last for 5-10 weeks with weekly support from your coach. This period will depend on which of following flexible options you choose to train for:

  • 25, 35 or 50-minutes per session, and
  • 3, 4 or 5 Days per week. 


What is involved training?

The Cogmed program includes:

  •  Initial Consultation and pre-assessment of working memory 

  •  Start-up session to familiarise you with the program

  •  Begin training with selected length and frequency of training sessions.

  •  Weekly coaching consultation

  •  Completion meeting and post assessment of working memory

  •  Access to the Cogmed Training Web to monitor progress.


So if you are committed to improving working memory skills fast and at your own level and pace then contact Dr Kerry Marsh today for further information to see if Cogmed is right for you.    

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