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Solutions for Life clinicians have all completed at least 4 years of University training, followed by either further post graduate university study and/or participation in an internship program and are fully trained to identify and diagnose a range of disorders and conditions in children and adolescents. 

Our assessments include the use of the most up-to-date psychometric assessment tools, a detailed family, medical/developmental, education and social history as well as a summary of the assessment outcomes, and most importantly, recommendations for support for your young person.

Listed below are some of the frequent assessments undertaken by Solutions for Life Clinicians on a weekly basis. We are trained to be able to administer many other assessment tools an assess for other conditions other than what is listed below.

The assessment process begins with an initial consult to gather information on the presenting concerns and determine the appropriate combination of assessment tools required.  Pricing is dependent upon the combination of tools and time involved to assess, observe, score and interpret and write reports. Please contact our Reception Team to make an appointment. 

Diagnostic Assessments

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Assessing for Autism Spectrum requires a multi-layered approach. As per the ASPect Guidelines for assessing ASD, assessment requires information from multiple informants (parents / teachers) and in multiple ways (interviews / checklists) as well as psychometric assessment of the child and observation of the child. All information should point toward the diagnosis and provide sufficient information to consider differential diagnosis as well as determine whether ASD is present or not.  We use the ADOS-2 as part of our assessment. ADOS-2 is the GOLD STANDARD for assessment of Autism.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Similar to assessing for ASD, ADHD requires multiple informants and multiple ways of assessing the child. Our assessment includes GOLD STANDARD psychometric assessment tools (NEPSY-II and TOVA-8), along with parent and teacher interviews, checklists (parent / teacher) and observation of the child. 

Mood Disorders

Our team of trained professions are well equipped to assess and diagnose mood disorders such as Depression and Anxiety. 

Cognitive & Full Academic Assessment

Intellectual Functioning Assessments

Do you suspect that your young person is GIFTED or perhaps may have an INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY? Our team use a range of GOLD STANDARD intellectual functioning psychometric assessment tools such as the Wechsler Scales (WPPSI-IV / WISC-V) and Stanford Binet-5 to identified where your young person is functioning. Assessment for Intellectual Disability also includes assessment of Adaptive Behaviour to identify areas of need.

Learning Disorder Assessments

Is your child falling behind at school? Do you or the teacher suspect a learning disorder? Solutions for Life Clinicians are trained to administer assessment to determine whether your young person may have a specific learning disorder of reading (dyslexia), mathematics (dyscalculia), or written expression. Additionally, we can include assessment to determine whether attention or anxiety is a factor in their lower outcomes if needed. The combination of assessment tools is driven by the presenting concerns but will include GOLD STANDARD assessment tools of the WISC-V/WPPSI-IV and WIAT-III.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Assessment for an Auditory Processing Disorder involves a range of psychometric assessment including SCAN-C to determine whether the condition is present for your child, and the degree of the interference in listening attention. 

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