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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary to Have a Referral?

It is not necessary to have a referral to see a psychologist and you can phone and book an appointment to see a psychologist anytime. However, it may be advisable to speak to your GP regarding your mental health as sometimes medical conditions can impact on your emotional well-being. A GP is able to provide a holistic assessment of your health for you.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

To make an appointment, please call our clinic and reception can arrange an appointment for you. Our number is (07) 5549 1696. 

What is A Mental Health Care Plan and How Do I Get One?
Can I Claim A Medicare Rebate?

Medicare rebates are available for psychological treatment by registered psychologists under the Australian Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. This scheme provides considerable assistance to people living with mental health problems, allowing them greater access to psychologists and providing more affordable mental healthcare. If your GP assesses you as having a mental health disorder and prepares a Mental Health Care Plan for you, rebates will apply for 10 sessions with a psychologist in a calendar year [January to December].

A Mental Health Care Plan is a plan prepared by your GP to manage your mental health problems over time. Medicare have set eligibility criteria that a GP must follow in deciding if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan. To be eligible for a Care Plan, you will need to meet criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition that is significantly impacting on your functioning. The benefits of having a Mental Health Care Plan include:

1) facilitating communication among treating professionals (e.g., GP, Psychologist, and Psychiatrist)

2) Assists in goal setting, monitoring progress, and achieving goals


3) assists towards the costs of your treatment.

To obtain a Mental Health Care Plan, you will need to make an extended consultation (20 to 30 minutes duration) with your GP. At your appointment, your GP will ask questions regarding your mental health and your circumstances, and will ask you to fill in a brief questionnaire to assess the level of your symptoms. Your GP will discuss options for treatment and will provide the necessary referrals to see allied health professionals such as a psychologist.

When is the Clinic Open?

Reception are able to take your calls Monday to Saturday from 9am to half an hour before close.

Our clinic practice hours are as follows:

Monday           9am - 5.30pm

Tuesday           9am - 5.30pm

Wednesday     9am - 5.30pm

Thursday         9am - 5.30pm

Friday               9am - 5.30pm

Saturday          9am - 1.30pm 

What is the Cost?

The cost for your session will depend on a number of variables, such as the type of session you are attending and the length of time. For full details of our Fee Schedule please call our office on (07) 5549 1696.

Fees are based on a 50 min hour with 10 min provided to your clinician for note taking and letter writing time. Fees are payable at the time of consultation. Cash, EFTPOS and Credit Card payments are accepted.

Please note if your appointment is cancelled within 24 business hours of your scheduled appointment a cancellation fee will be charged to you. If you do not attend your appointment and do not call to cancel, you will be charged the full fee.  

Can I Claim on NDIS Funding?

NDIS funding (self managed or plan managed) may be able to be used to pay for sessions if your child has an eligible Plan and available funds.

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