Sleep difficulties in children and adolescents

The majority of children and adolescents experience sleep problems at some stage. Although these may not attract formal diagnoses, these problems nonetheless are often the source of considerable distress for both the child and their family, resulting in diminished functioning and well-being for all concerned (Mindell, 1993).

Sleep disorders are classified into two major categories, dyssomnias and parasomnias. The following discussion of sleep difficulties will be presented within the context of these two categories. Finally, a number of treatment approaches for sleep disturbances will be outlined.

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Grief & Loss at Christmas

While Christmas is a time of excitement and joy for many – others would prefer to sleep through a family gatherings, avoiding triggers of grief following a particularly painful year.

People grieve for different reasons – the loss of a grandparent, the loss of a business, a string of miscarriages or a recent divorce. Christmas may be the first public airing to family about the events of the year, and the anxiety associated with the potential outpouring of emotions can stifle the Christmas joy. Knowing how to emotionally prepare for Christmas may be the difference between hiding out in the bedroom and joining your family for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

5 Simple Ways to Help Prevent Wandering in Children with Autism

If you are a parent to a child with autism, then you may have a child who tries or has tried to escape or elope from your home, your supervision when in public or even from their classroom at school.

Holidays are a mixed bag of fun and anxiety for some children and teens.

At a time when most adults would think young people should be having the time of their lives, the sad reality is many will struggle with anxiety and depression through the school holidays. Having several weeks away from their usual routine can be stressful, as is being away from their friends and usual school supports. 

10 Hints for Creating Resiliant Families